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Hempel Award, the 30th China International Young Fashion Designers Contest Finalists Announcement

2021-12-29 15:56:41

On 15th December, ‘Hempel Award the 30th China International Young Fashion Designers Contest’ hosted by China Fashion Association and Hempel Group has finished the preliminary appraisal of all the works.
The preliminary appraisal jury members are: Li Dangqi, professor and doctoral supervisor of Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University; Liu Yuanfeng, professor and doctoral supervisor of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology; Wang Yutao, vice chairman of China Fashion Association and Golden Top Award Designer; Lv Yue, China Top 10 Fashion Designer, professor and doctoral supervisor of Central Academy of Fine Arts.They work together to seek the excellent works and find the best talents for the contest. 
With meticulous selection from the judges, 29 sets of design works have entered the final round, please see below for the short list and the design sketches (in no order):
Short List
Entry Works

1.Designer:Jiahao Chen  Theme:《Algae Growth》

2.Designer: Shangshang Zheng  Theme:《The Hidden Sea, Earth's Core》

3.Designer: Tai Qin  Theme:《New Water Pedlar&Old Water Pedlar》

4.Designer: Kano Kuroda  Theme:《Death is peace?》

5.Designer: Chengyuan Zheng  Theme:《Merman》

6.Designer: Zelang Wu  Theme:《The Whale Fall》

7.Designer: Lili Jiang  Theme:《Introspection of Sea》

8.Designer: Sheila Stefani Banderchuk Zeferino  Theme:《Glacial Effect》

9.Designer: Qiaowei Xue  Theme:《Sea Blindness》

10.Designer: Sihyun Lee  Theme:《Life that Blooms in Change》

11.Designer: Lifei Chen  Theme:《The Only Clothes》

12.Designer: Yuhao Tu  Theme:《The Shape Forms the Shapes》

13.Designer:Leona Abdyli  Theme:《“Toxic Waters”-Protecting the Ocean》

14.Designer: Tong Shan  Theme:《Integration of subject and object》

15.Designer: Shilin Yang  Theme:《Ocean Scavenger》

16.Designer:Michelle Christina Suhanda  Theme:《Wanua Uanga》

17.Designer:Cheng Liu  Theme:《Habitat•Chasing Light》

18.Designer:Qing He  Theme:《Boundless Dark Blue》

19.Designer:Iris Schieldrop  Theme:《“SVAI”- swaying》

20.Designer:Weiting Li  Theme:《Chameleon》

21.Designer:Le Yi  Theme:《Dirty White》

22.Designer:Gakuki Itoh  Theme:《Constrain and release parts of the body》

23.Designer:Na Chen  Theme:《Vitality》

24.Designer:Siyun Huang  Theme:《The Museum of Empathy》

25.Designer:Arina Rakova  Theme:《Ocean protection》

26.Designer:Ping Gao  Theme:《Infiltration》

27.Designer:Wenxin Li  Theme:《Sea Ruler》

28.Designer:Zhen Ding  Theme:《Harmony》

29.Designer:Kaoutar MAAS  Theme:《Hard candy youth》
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