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Hempel Award the 29th China International Young Fashion Designers Contest

2020-11-26 11:21:53

Organized by: China Fashion Association; Hempel International Group

l Theme of the Contest:

Hard Candy Youth

Youth is a hard candy given by life, we patiently savor it, let the sweet taste slowly moisten life, or eager to bite its hard shell, looking forward to the arrival of maturity. Every young soul has his/her own unique taste of hard candy, but every hard candy in the world enjoys the same spirit -- Sweet but Hardcore.

The competition will continue with the theme of "Hard Candy Youth". Starting from "sustainable fashion" in 2021, the competition will pay attention to local traditional culture and explore the new power of design to promote the new lifestyle in the future.

l Requirements

a)Finish the creative collection in accordance with the contest theme (4-5 outfits/ collection).

b)Designs must be based on the contestants’ original ideas and have never gone public before the contest;

c) Designs should be in line with current trends and cultural characteristics;

d) Distinctive style, well presented, with clothes and accessories in good match.

l Represent Form

a) Design Drawings: colored silhouettes (design sketch) (dimension scale 16:9; 27cm*40cm) with attachment of theme, sketches of each style, design inspiration and sample fabrics (5cm*5cm);

b) Final collection: clothes made from selected design drawings in preliminary evaluation.

l Qualifications

Candidates must be under the age of 35 (born on or after January 1,1986), regardless of nationality and geographic location.

l Awards (all the prize money is before tax)

One Gold Award with cash prize of CNY 50,000 roundtrip air tickets from and to Beijing for the contestant, and free sightseeing tour for one week;

Two Sliver Awards with cash prize of CNY 20,000 roundtrip air tickets from and to Beijing for the contestant, and free sightseeing tour for one week;

Two Bronze Awards with cash prize of CNY 15,000;

One Enterprise AwardOne Internet popularity Award with cash prize of CNY 5,000;

Several Awards of Excellence with cash prize of CNY 2500;

China Fashion Association will issue the above awards.

l Contest Evaluation

Jury Team: The jury is comprised of internationally well-known scholars, designers, fashion critics and artist;

Preliminary Evaluation: Based on design drawings submitted and shortlisted candidates will be informed in written form in late of January 2021

Final and Awarding: Candidates should bring their clothes of selected design drawings in preliminary evaluation to Beijing for final competition.If cannot come to Beijing due to the epidemic, the nominees need to send the works in kind to the Organizing Committee, and participate the defense online.

l Schedule

2020.11.252021.01.22;    Submit designs to the Organizing Committee

2021.01.2201.29;         Preliminary Evaluation

2021.01.2903.20;         Selected candidates finish all the clothes,

2021. 03.1803.24;        Select the internet popularity award

2021.03.2403.25;         Final Round and Awarding

l Notes

aDesign drawings are required, and only one candidate for one collection;

bOnly digital version sketches will be received for this contest, please send the application form and works to Email:

c) Design drawings should be submitted before at 24:00 on January 22, 2021 (Beijing time).

d) Shortlisted candidates should cover the transportation to Beijing by themselves. The Organizing committee will cover accommodations while the candidates are attending the contest in Beijing.

eThe organizers have the rights to use the submitted sketches& garment works for promotion purposes in the future.

l Contact Information

Address: Hempel Award Contest Organizing Committee,

2nd Floor, Block B . D•PARK, No.2 Jiuxianqiao Road, Beijing, 100015, China

Contact: Ms. Li /Ms. Liu

Telephone: +86 10 84562288—304/312  Fax: +86 10 84572699 



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