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Hempel Award the 27th China International Young Fashion Designers Contest

2018-09-30 13:01:41

Organized by: China Fashion Association Hempel International Group

l Theme of the Contest:

Wild implies both original and freedom, wild can be a fish wandering in shallow water, wild can be a tiger roaring in woods. Life is a wheel, life is also prosperity. Modern people believes charm of wild life lies in the tension of life and nature transmigration. This time Hempel Award  and WildAid invite you to express Wild
·Life in your eyes through fashion design, and touch wild world by modern civilization.

l Requirements

a) Finish the creative collection in accordance with the contest theme (3-4 outfits);

b) Designs must be based on the contestants’ original ideas and have never gone public before the contest;

c) Designs should be in line with current trends and cultural characteristics;

d) Distinctive style, well presented, clothing and accessories in good order.

eEntries of the final round shall design a T-shirt base on the theme, detailed instruction will be noticed after being shortlisted.

l Represent Form

a) Design Drawings: colored silhouettes (27cm*40cm) with attachment of theme, sketches of each style, design inspiration and sample fabrics (5cm*5cm);

b) Final collection: clothes made from selected design drawings in preliminary evaluation.

l Qualifications

Candidates must be under the age of 35 (i.e. be born on or after January 1,1983), regardless of nationality and geographic location.

l Awards (all the prize is before tax)

One Gold Award with cash prize of CNY 50,000 round air tickets to and from Beijing by airplane for the contestant self and free sightseeing tour for one week;

Two Sliver Awards with cash prize of CNY 20,000 round air tickets to and from Beijing by airplane for the contestant self and free sightseeing tour for one week;

Two Bronze Awards with cash prize of CNY 15,000;

One Enterprise AwardOne Internet popularity Award with cash prize of CNY- 5000;

Several Excellent Awards with cash prize of CNY 2500;

China Fashion Association will issue the above awards.

Shortlist players will join the "Hempel Award" emerging designer salon and selected winners will have chance to hold his/her personal fashion show or participate in joint fashion show during the China Fashion Week supported by Hempel International Group.

l Contest Evaluation

Jury Team: The jury is comprised of internationally well-known scholars, designers, fashion critics and artist;

Preliminary Evaluation: Based on design drawings submitted and shortlisted candidates will be informed in written form in late of December 2017

Final and Awarding: Candidates should bring their clothes of selected design drawings in preliminary evaluation to Beijing for final competition.

l Schedule

Sep.-Dec.8th,2018      Submit designs to the Organizing Committee

Early Dec.2018   Preliminary Evaluation

Jan.-Mar.20th,2019      Selected candidates finish all the clothes, judging internet popularity award

Late Mar,2019         Final and Awarding

l Notes

aDesign drawings are required, and one candidate for one collection;

bPersonal information of the candidates such as nationality, name, gender, age and contact information (address, postal code, fax, tel and email) must be clearly stated at the back of fashion drawings;

cApart from drawing, candidates shall upload electronic version of work and fabric picture to Hempel Award webpage. Please download the application form from the website

dDesign drawings should be submitted before December 8th, 2018(according to the postmark). Whether the drawings are selected or not by the preliminary evaluation, they will not be returned;


eShortlisted candidates should cover the transportation to Beijing by themselves. The Organizing committee will afford Four-day accommodation for the shortlist in Beijing;

fThe organizers have right to use the submitted drawings for promotion purposes in the future.

l Contact Information

Address: Hempel Award Contest Organizing Committee,

2nd Floor, Block B . D•PARK, No.2 Jiuxianqiao Road, Beijing, 100015, China

Contact: Ms.Melissa He /Ms. Liu

Telephone: +86 10 84562288—304/305  Fax: +86 10 84572699 



Tips: Search and follow Hempel official WeChat account(Hempel_International) between 2018 Sep 10th- 2019 Mar 20th will have chance to win ticket to the Final of Hempel Award and special gift.


The 27th Hempel Award Contestant Acknowledgement

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