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Occupation Fashion Models Committee

China Fashion Designers Association occupation Models Committee approved by the Ministry of civil affairs was established in Beijing in June 16, 2000, is the China Fashion Designers Association composed of institutions, is China's outstanding occupation fashion models and model agent composed of professional groups. Main responsibility is to develop occupation fashion model professional grade standard; maintenance of fashion model market order and fair competition; to carry out domestic and foreign models industry exchanges and cooperation; undertaking of China Fashion Designers Association model race; select and train new models, as members of the unit to provide the relevant intermediary service. Occupation Models Committee provides the talents selection and referral services will be mainly by means of the two annual open: one is" occupation match", namely the Chinese occupation model contest; one is" Star Contest, namely" China Model Star contest.

" Occupation match" is the main organization model agencies from college students in selecting occupation model model, in order to enrich the brokerage firm model team; and" Star game" is the model agencies for social selection of personnel, to help the member units to launch new models.

" Occupation competition" winner model from the Committee of referral to the member agencies signed a contract, and in China Fashion Association, participate in organized activities to focus on the promotion of" Star game"; the winner will be chosen by the respective unit training, promotion, the model Committee on registration, and with" occupation competition" winner for a range of professional activities.

China Fashion Designers Association occupation Models Committee

Professional Models Committee of China Fashion Association

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